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posted 21st Apr 2009, 3:26 PM

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21st Apr 2009, 3:26 PM


The full URL for donations is HERE

(I’m not a huge fan of Red Cross’ homophobic policies, but this is a “put your differences aside” kind of situation.)

I’m sorry for the convoluted process. At least this way you know exactly where your money is going.

You can choose where your money is used – any donation will get you a drawing.

- - -

I’m detecting a pattern in Leech’s particular brand of diplomacy. At least she tries. (Kinda.)

Cannon sounds so betrayed. Leech, what gives? I though we were stone-cold callous bros! D:<

This page is another fusion of old and new art, about a fifty-fifty split this time. Panel two can go die in a fire, though. Fuck that guy. Panel. Whatever.

Ughf. The term “hyladrys” was one of those things that I thought was cool when I made it up, but have since grown to loathe. (It’s a portmanteau of two things meaning “tree,” though the prefix ‘hyla’ is more commonly associated with tree frogs nowadays, I think.)


I went through several renditions of Horticus’ angerpout in panel three. Oddly enough, the penultimate thumbnail came out looking strangely adorable. The finalized version, however, looks a tad more menacing. I was going for offended/trying too hard. Something feels off about the drawing, but it suits my desire to make the character look a touch creepier than he did originally. (I actually redesigned him about a month prior to his first appearance.) I hope I don’t end up hating it later. :T

The dialogue balloons actually gave me quite a lot of trouble here. I wanted it so that Leech’s head looked lower than Horticus’ in panel three, so that three and four together reflected one another. I ended up cheating and intentionally having the dialogue balloon cover the top of her head. Not ideal, but it does the trick, I think. I keep wanting to draw them at the same height, even though he’s buried in the ground. XC (He’s actually, like, six inches taller than Leech.) And now you know my terrible secret about the dialogue balloons.
Though come to think of it, the lettering is all over the place, and the dialogue is rough as well. This page will not win the “BEST WORDS” award any time soon. :T

I’ve been paying a lot more attention to the way I draw facial expressions, ever since I started doing the Ultimate Expression “meme” on Deviantart. I would recommend the hell out of that, if you’re interested in drawing. (even though it’s a blatant misuse of the word ‘meme.’) I went though several renditions of Leech’s face in panel four, before I went to my friend for advice. She helped me pick which face looked best!

If something seems off about the page, it’s because my panel-making stencil has become warped, and I’ve gotten sick of cropping panels, so I changed the page format instead. Oddly enough, it just happened to work out that everything is perfectly square now. Like, down to the pixel. Weird.
I don’t actually recommend using a cookie-cutter layout like mine – I only do it to keep myself from obsessing over yet another element of composition. I take enough time as it is! Just you watch, though. I’m sure the panels will get more elaborate someday.

Finally, what’s going on with Horticusses’ses…s..s’- I mean, Plant Guy’s arms in panel four? Those vines coming out of his back are wrapped around his arms as he cringes. They’re not much use when he’s not terrorizing folks with his plant powers, so he tends to wear them like that.
Leech was originally supposed to be grabbing those very vines in the penultimate panel, in lieu of lapels, but the extreme close-up kind of made that hard to convey. On that note, I think she actually yanked him up out of the ground. 0_o

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